Acerola powder - organic and 100% pure

acerola powder freeze dried

Acerola powder from Almazonia

One of the many reasons we love acerola powder is its versatility. With even more uses than fresh produce, freeze-dried acerola powder is nutritious and delicious in a wide variety of uses.

The versatility of freeze-dried acerola powder

  • Acerola powder is incredibly versatile and useful in baking due to its concentrated flavor and long shelf life. Add flavor and color to batter or glaze or add a touch of natural flavor to fillings and compotes without softening the consistency.
  • Sweets. Just as it enhances baked goods, acerola powder is perfect for flavoring candies and chocolates. The intense flavor of the acerola, pure ingredients and absence of chemical additives makes acerola powder the perfect flavoring agent for creams, herbal teas and fillings.
  • Drinks. Whether you're adding flavor and color to a blended coffee drink, powdered protein shake, fermented alcohol, or simple smoothie, acerola powder is unbeatable. Acerola powder adds flavor without moisture, giving you total control over the consistency and flavor of your product.
  • Nutritional bars. The market for muesli bars and protein bars is currently competitive. But a unique combination of freeze-dried acerola powder can set your product apart from the competition by giving it a unique flavor profile. Nutrition bars are known for being dry or preserved, so acerola powder fits the bill perfectly.
  • With acerola powder you can easily add flavor, color, texture and nutrients to your recipes. And with this you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Acerola, the Brazilian cherry full of vitamin C

At Almazonia, we also sell freeze-dried acerola fruit powder in addition to açaí. The acerola cherry is the fruit with the second highest amount of vitamin C, after "camu camu". With a mildly acidic flavor profile, the acerola cherry pairs well with a variety of fruits.

In addition to its benefits for human health, the acerola cherry also has technological properties of importance to the food industry, such as preventing oxidation of fruit and improving color stability in fruit preparations and in raw meat. In baking applications it is a clean label substitute for the synthetic ascorbic acid used as a dough improver.

Acerola powder from Almazonia: pure and organic

Our acerola is carefully harvested from organically grown fruit trees. If you want to amaze your customers with new innovative products without guilt, contact us now to learn more about our acerola powder.

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