Organic passion fruit

organic passion fruit

Organic passion fruit from Amazonia

Either consumed pure, as a juice, in a smoothie or as an icecream, passion fruit is loved by people across the world. Its flavour is sweet, acidic and tropical with mild floral notes. More than its aroma and taste, organic passion fruit is a beneficial fruit with a healthful nutrition profile. It contains high levels of vitamin A, which is important for skin, vision, and the immune system, and vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant.

Offering delicious, healthy organic passion fruit for us is not enough. At Almazonia we are dedicated to offer you fruits straight from the Amazon rainforest that is not only good for your personal health but as well for the local communities we work directly with and the bio-diverse beauty we are aiming to protect and thrive.

Organic passion fruit from agroforestry

In 2020 we decided to grow a more positive impact by investing a part of our profit in purchasing de-forested rainforest. On our first 18ha we are developing an agroforestry system with organic passion fruit and other plants and trees like cacao, acerola, cupuaçu, pitaya and papaya. 

Almazonia is growing the yellow passion fruit, native to the Amazon rainforest and preferred for juice processing and making preserves. As an ingredient passion fruit is perfect for adding a delicious flavour, a vibrant colour and lots of healthy nutritients to a wide variety of applications.

Organic passion fruit pulp

From sourcing to growing and from processing to delivery, Almazonia is controlling the full process. Once we have harvested the yellow passion fruits at peak ripeness, we will process them into 100% passion fruit pulp. Once ready, the passion fruit pulp stored at -18˚C to ensure the best quality of taste. As well to guarantee that the many healthy nutritional values are kept at its highest. 

Changing the food system

We are dedicated to developing a green economy with a business that is not growing at the expense of people and planet. If you want to have your customers also enjoy your creations free of guilt and with maximum sensorial delight, please contact us for more information.

organic passion fruit puree pulp


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